About Us

About Us

Executive Chef Kyle Toner

As a child, Executive Chef Kyle Toner spent many evenings in the kitchen of his grandmother's home, learning to prepare beautiful meals that were shared at the family table. He loved watching the classic techniques of Jacques Pepin and Julia Child on PBS cooking shows.

He began working in restaurants while in college at Rutgers. After a short-lived and unsuccessful stint in the front of the house as a bus boy, he found himself in the kitchen and immediately knew he was home. 

Kyle sharpened his skills in New York at the Spotted Pig, Rose Water and Tocqueville Restaurant. He then took a position at Queen Margherita, a southern Italian trattoria in his native New Jersey, where he learned the art of the wood-burning oven from the restaurant's Neapolitan owners.

In 2012, Kyle and his wife moved to Wisconsin to be near her family, and he began working at Roots. When Wolf Peach opened later that year, he was brought on as Sous Chef. He was thrilled to take on the task of mastering the new 6,000-pound wood-fired oven, spearheading the pizza program. As a founding member of the culinary team, Kyle has been an integral part of the top ten restaurant's growth and success.

Taking the helm as Executive Chef at Wolf Peach, Kyle is committed to approachable cooking and bringing high-quality seasonal ingredients together with attention to detail, integrity and the traditional techniques he has honed.

Fueled by passion and a 6,000-pound wood-fired oven, we pair beautiful ingredients from local farms, purveyors and artisans to create food to feed the soul.

Como Viene

Simply, “as it comes.” 
Our style of service is casual and communal. While many restaurants course their dishes, ours are served as soon as they’re finished - ensuring that they are fresh, bright and ready to enjoy. 

We believe dining should be as much about enjoying the company as it is about savoring the fare. Our menu is an eclectic mix of large and small plates designed to encourage sharing, cultivate interaction and foster a sense of dining at a family table.

The Story of the Wolf Peach

OK, what’s with the name?
The story stems from European folklore. When the tomato was first introduced, it was widely considered poisonous. Aristocrats dined on pewter; the acid in tomatoes reacted with the metal, causing lead poisoning. Peasants ate from plates made of wood and were unaffected, so tomatoes became the poor man’s food. The legend grew, as legends do, to include stories of witches using tomatoes, a member of the deadly nightshade family, to conjure werewolves. The wild tomato’s Latin genus name, Lycopersicon, translates to “Wolf Peach.”
Wolf Peach pays homage to rustic European cuisine that draws inspiration regional ingredients - including the illustrious tomato.

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